Esito specialise in design with a creative, focused team willing to meet your requirements and provide valuable knowledge and assurance along the way. Our team are qualified and motivated to get you not only the right design, but a competitive price to suit.

Our design procedure takes numerous steps to adapt a working relationship with you.


Stage #1:

The first appointment, we ask you to make a booking to meet a design consultant at our Dee Why showroom. Here, you would need to bring your architectural or site plans for us to gain insight into the space and have some working dimensions on hand. Should you not have access to these type of plans, we ask you to create a basic floor plan with dimensions and bring this along to the appointment. This would include wall lengths, ceiling heights and position of any windows or doors. It helps us immensely if an honest budget is discussed at the initial meeting, so we can suggest the appropriate finishes relating to your project and whether the price you are after can be achieved through esito.

From here, we discuss a layout, design options and the use of your preferred materials. From this meeting, you will gauge whether esito is the company for you to continue the process. If you feel we are the right fit, we will provide a quotation based on the meeting and design elements.


Stage #2:

If you are happy with the proposal put forward, we kindly ask that a 10% deposit be paid, and a contract be signed, which enables us to create CAD design production plans for you to visualise the space coming together. At this point, we need all finalised design decisions to be made to lock in the correct design for you.


Final Stage:

The final stage of the design process is to meet at our showroom and sign off on the final finishes and production drawings, so we can commence with building your dream kitchen. This is the most exciting stage of the entire process. Once everything has been finalised and agreed upon, the next steps in measuring and manufacturing really begin.

We are sure you will enjoy our high quality of customer service and professionalism during these stages and look forward to working with you.

Duffys Forest